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All our cases and boxes are assembled in our workshop. We manufacture both by hand and industrially, according to our customers' needs. 

Our team pays real attention to detail and finish. From the selection of the wood to the execution of the markings, right through to assembly, every stage in the manufacture of the cases is carried out with the utmost care and exacting standards. 

Your productions deserve a showcase made to last

  • Our team strives to continually innovate so that our cases and boxes reflect the products inside. 

  • Made from noble, precious materials, we create top-of-the-range wooden cases and boxes with the utmost respect for craftsmanship.

  • Solid, elegant, and customizable, the wooden case is much more than simple packaging. It should be considered a top-of-the-range product, bringing real added value to the wines or spirits it contains. 

  • The case is a protective case for the wine. It withstands the ravages of time, allowing tasters to let their bottles age serenely. 

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