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A rigorous choice has been made in selecting our suppliers, who are an integral part of our production process. Solid and sincere relationships have been built up over the years. The trust and sincerity we share in our day-to-day dealings enable us to maintain the highest standards of quality and service. The respect of a certain level of professionalism and ethics in our relations has been one of the essential values that the case-maker offers and demands in return from our suppliers. 

All our suppliers are independent companies involved in forest protection. They thoroughly know the case market and our customers' requirements. 


Sustainable procurement and development.

  • Our manufacturing process generates numerous by-products. Our manufacturing process is based on a circular economy, so everything we produce is optimized to limit the losses and waste inherent in manufacturing our wooden cases and boxes.

  • A strategy of recycling and second life has been put in place through the reuse of losses, the management of related waste, and the management of recycling skips!

  • A rigorous choice has been made in selecting our suppliers, who are an integral part of our production process.

  • La caisserie Marie-Louise has implemented a responsible wood purchasing policy. All the wood we buy from our suppliers is PEFC-certified, a guarantee of sustainable forest management.

  • Our team is also committed to sustainable procurement and delivery. For example, we prefer to use full truck loads for both inbound and outbound deliveries so that transport has a limited environmental impact. 

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Wood is the starting point of our business. 

  • Since our creation, we've been aware of our essential responsibility in working with a natural material: wood. 

  • From now on, knowing the environmental importance of this natural, recyclable, and versatile material, this raw material can be reused, recycled, and used as a carbon-neutral source. 

  • To ensure the aesthetics and quality of your custom-built boxes and cases, we take great care in selecting the wood we use, respecting the quality of the material and the environmental balance. This means that wood emits no more CO2 than is absorbed during its life cycle. 

  • We believe that growing a company responsibly and sustainably means paying close attention to every detail of our production process. With this vision, we contribute to improving our natural and social environment.

  • Our impact on the environment is closely linked to our use of wood. To promote sustainable forest management, we only use certified wood. Thus, 100% of the wood purchased by the case factory is PEFC-labeled

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