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A manufacturing process combining craftsmanship and innovation.

The quality of our wooden cases and boxes is closely linked to the care taken during the various stages of manufacture. From wood purchasing to carpentry, printing, and assembly, there are at least 6 key stages in a case or box manufacturing process. 

All these steps are carried out with the utmost care and result from a high level of technical expertise on the part of our staff. During the manufacturing process, several quality checks are carried out to ensure that the boxes and cases meet the desired requirements in terms of quality and finish. 

Whether small or large series, boxes, or cases, all our products are unique, designed, and produced with great technical skill, care, and passion. 

caisserie Marie Louise-encre pour marquage caisses bois-fabrication artisanale-Bordeaux


Wood quality is the starting point of our business.

To ensure the aesthetics and quality of your custom-built boxes and cases, we take great care in selecting the wood we use, respecting the quality of the material and the environmental balance.


We mainly use maritime pine, sourced exclusively from PEFC-certified sustainably managed forests located as close as possible to us in France and northern Spain. 

caisserie Marie Louise-stock bois pour fabrication caisses et coffrets-Bordeaux
caisserie Marie Louise-forêt de pins-Nouvelle Aquitaine
caisserie Marie Louise-cliché marquage caisse bois


This is an authentic approach for discerning customers looking for that extra touch of soul in their wooden cases. 

Our markings play with color, shape, and style. They are specific to each customer and each container. They are made-to-measure creations focusing on quality and detail, requiring real expertise. 

Created from noble, precious materials, our wooden cases and boxes will appeal to your most demanding customers, who are looking for an authentic approach with an extra touch of soul. The little extra that makes all the difference.

This blend of craftsmanship and love of beautiful branding are treasures unique to the Marie-Louise caisserie, and the team is committed to keeping them that way.


Since 2001, Marie-Louise has been designing and manufacturing top-of-the-range wooden cases and boxes to tight deadlines.

Mastered know-how driven by our quest for excellence and constant drive for innovation.

Caisserie Marie Louise-caisse bois haut de gamme-estampes-marquage-impression bois


Solid, elegant, and customizable, the wooden case is much more than just packaging. It's a genuine object that adds real value to the products it contains. 

Our manufacturing process enables us to meet short lead times for large and small runs and all cases: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, or 12 bottles, magnums, jeroboams...

Our guillotine or sliding cases will accompany your wine in the best possible conditions and offer top-of-the-range packaging with a unique design that meets the expectations of the most demanding customers. 


Our team of carpenters can meet our customers' requirements for custom-built enclosures. 

The project is first worked out between the customer and the sales team so that they can understand and work on the customer's needs and expectations. A technical study is then carried out in collaboration with the carpenters to study feasibility. 

A prototype will then be made to your specifications. Once validated, manufacturing can begin. 

We produce exceptional series according to the requirements of each customer's specific details, accessories, and wood species. 

caisserie Marie Louise-encre couleur-marquage bois-caisses et coffrets

Customer satisfaction, first and foremost

Each of our customers' projects has allowed us to develop new expertise, acquire new machines, and push the boundaries of our know-how ever further. 

The human relationships and trust we have built with our customers and suppliers are very important to us. The entire team makes it an honor to be available, present, and attentive to all our customers. 

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